Goose Family Gone

I have written several times here about a family of geese. They first appeared as a pair of adult geese a couple of months ago swimming in the pond behind my house and wandering through the trees and open spaces close by. Then, one day, I saw four goslings with them. A week later, there were only three goslings. Then, starting five or six days ago, I saw no geese at all. They’ve disappeared.

I know that when geese pair, they make a nest to which they return every year. So the geese near me must have made a nest in the woods close to my house, probably the first for this couple. They couldn’t have decided to move away because the goslings were still too little to fly. So in all likelihood, they were killed.

My first thought was that they fell prey to an animal. But given the size and ferocity of the adult geese, only an animal considerably larger than them could have killed them. The only animals I’ve seen in these parts that large are deer, not known for attacking other animals.

So the great likelihood is that humans killed them. Maybe someone made a meal of them. More likely, one of my neighbors decided that they were an invading nuisance and did away with them.

I miss them. I had looked forward each day to watching them swim in a row in the pond, an adult at the front and back and the goslings in a line in between. Then they would wander through the trees and into the open space to the east side of my house, pecking at the ground.

I have seen a variety of animals close to my house, everything from rabbits and foxes to deer. But none appeared as frequently or over such a long period as the geese. It saddens me that they have vanished.

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