Gilchrist’s Welcome Home Vietnam Veterans

On 28 March, Gilchrist Hospice Care repeated its annual Welcome Home Vietnam Veterans Celebration. This year, the gathering was virtual. I watched it on my computer in the comfort of my office. The whole ceremony is available online at

I was surprised that I recognized so many in the audience from previous years. There was even a shot of me. And there was the remembrance of those who died in the war. I was at the side of so many killed in action. The presentation repeatedly brought tears to my eyes.

I have many ties to Gilchrist. Following the five years I devoted to caring for dying AIDS patients, I spent seven years working with the dying under the auspices of Gilchrist. And Gilchrist took loving care of my partner, Su, who died just a year ago. If I have anything to say in the matter, Gilchrist will care for me when my time comes.

I continue to be a strong supporter of hospice services. We Americans do the best we can to hide the reality of death, just as we conceal matters of sex and bodily functions. But death is real and inevitable for all of us.

Let us be thankful that Gilchrist is there for us.

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