The Postal Service (2)

Returning to my post about the postal service after my insertion of remarks about March 29 and 30:

In all fairness to the USPS, the service itself should not be blamed for its current failures. It has the highest approval rating of any government service—90 percent. It supports itself with fees charged to its customers and stamp sales and receives no government subsidy from tax payers. It picks up and delivers almost half of the world’s mail. And many, including me, depend on it to bring life-saving medications to our doors.

No, the USPS’s failures are solely due to the deliberate sabotage of Donald Trump and his lackey, Louis DeJoy. President Biden has now nominated three new members for the USPS Board of Governors.  As I understand it, he may be able to name a fourth. The newly constituted Board of Governors could fire DeJoy and replace him with a responsible Postmaster General. The sooner the better.

And there are moves underway in Congress to revamp USPS finances to rid it of burdensome and unnecessary costs. Providing the service with additional funding is a possibility. Let’s encourage Congress to act.

We Americans need to treat the USPS as a service, not as a business. Its purpose is not to make money but to serve American citizens. It’s long since time we restored the USPS to its proper role.

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