Ducks and Geese

Behind and to the north of my house is what I call a pond, a small circular body of water perhaps a hundred feet in diameter about half filled with water reeds. It attracts water fowl on and off throughout the year. Neither temperature nor season seems to affect the arrival and departure of the birds. More often than not, they are absent. Then every once in a while for no obvious reason, they fly in and stay for a couple of days.

The numbers are usually a half dozen or so birds. They fly in from the north, quacking loudly. Until recently, all were mallard ducks, an equal number of males (with green heads and pale tan bodies) and females (pale brown). Then, last week, they were joined by geese, honking loudly.

When they first arrive, the birds seem to be squabbling, chasing and pecking at each other. As far as I can tell, only the males clash. Then, after an hour or so, they settle down and spend their time eating or, apparently, loafing.

The ducks only occasionally go ashore, but the geese regularly wander in pairs into the yards of neighbors all around the pond. They look like they’re enjoying the exploration.

I have no clue as to why the ducks and geese come and go, but I thoroughly enjoy their visits. I only wish some would stay permanently.

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