Republicans: Forget Trump

So many Republican legislators appear to be fearful of accepting publicly Donald Trump’s defeat in the November election, and they’re hesitant to condemn his call for marauders to attack the Capitol. I think they need not concern themselves. By the time Trump leaves office next week, he will be so discredited that no one will pay heed to him. And once he is no longer president, previously hidden evidence of his malfeasance will trickle out. We’ll learn of corruption we knew nothing of. In short, Republicans, feel free to speak openly of your disgust with your president. Over the next year, Trump will cease to be a powerful figure.

Those Republicans who do not speak out against Trump risk righteous condemnation from the majority of Americans. The only ones who will support them are others who lied about the outcome of the November election or who believe that the mob violence against the Capitol was acceptable. Those numbers will decrease quickly.

The Republican party is so damaged by Trump’s lies and corruption that it may not survive over time. That the Republicans have been complicit in Trump’s degeneracy will remain a stark blemish on the party. We’ll all long remember the injury that the GOP inflicted on our nation.

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