Leadership in a Time of Chaos (2)

So now I see that the most virtuous means of working with others—leadership—can be used to damage the followers. It should have been obvious to me all along. I now must alter my advocacy of leadership to stress its use for the good of all. I must condemn leadership that leads to evil.

I’ve been impatient with Joe Biden because he has not called for the punishment of Trump and the Republicans for their misdeeds. He has instead emphasized bringing together the divisive forces in America. Trump’s example has finally made me understand that Biden is right. We need virtuous leadership to escape the evils of the past. He pleads with us to work together for a better future. In Biden we will have a leader showing the way to an upright America. I hope we have the wisdom to follow.

Leadership, in sum, can be manipulated in the service of autocracy. Let’s never let it happen again.

One thought on “Leadership in a Time of Chaos (2)”

  1. I agree with you on Biden’s leadership virtue, Tom. We have to come together and the tone starts at the top. I say let other parts of the system pursue Trump, which is justice. Insurrection and mob violence aren’t about a difference of opinion. It’s cancer that has to be cut out, not brought into the circle.


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