Beware Trump’s Next Moves

We are in the worst era I have lived through. The New York Times on 8 January, described it:

“The worst pandemic in a century is becoming more severe, with a contagious new coronavirus variant spreading and thousands of Americans dying every day. The mass vaccination program is behind schedule. Almost 10 million fewer Americans have jobs than did a year ago. The U.S. president, with the backing of dozens of members of Congress, has tried to overturn an election result and remain in power. Hundreds of his supporters overwhelmed police officers and stormed the Capitol, one of the few times in history that an U.S. government building has been violently attacked.”  

Donald Trump, our current president, deserves blame for how bad the situation has become. He made no moves against the pandemic and even dismissed it as trivial—we now have had more than 365,000 deaths. He failed to bolster the economy in the face of a lockdown. His “warp speed” vaccination effort is a dismal failure. We are in the midst of a depression that promises to get far worse. Then, claiming falsely that he had won November’s election, Trump urged his supporters to march on the U.S. Capitol. Once there, they overran the building, savaged offices and the Senate chamber, and triggered the evacuation of members of Congress and their staffs. Five deaths and 82 arrests resulted from the carnage.  

Months ago, I called upon Americans to beware of what Trump might do, particularly after he lost the November election. His nefarious actions since have more than met my expectations. But as I write, Trump still has eleven days in office. He wields all the powers of the presidency. We are in real danger.  

So I call upon members of Congress and federal officials to move at once to stop Trump by taking away his power. Removing him from office through the 25th Amendment to the Constitution or by impeachment are critical to the safety of the country.  

I encourage all citizens to beseech their representatives to act.

4 thoughts on “Beware Trump’s Next Moves”

  1. Tom, You’re a writer as I am, and still these times, these images from the Capital, the People’s Capital,
    last Wednesday, leave me lacking words. But “how did we get here?” doesn’t move us forward. I say whatever means necessary we get this maniacal man out of the White House. Forced resignation, 25th Amendment, impeachment. We can’t just let the clock run out. Consequences matter to save our democracy.


    1. Thank you, Rose. As you can see, I’m adamant that Trump must go, the sooner the better. My fear is that he’ll do something even worse while he still has the power.


  2. You’ve hit the nail on the head, Tom. Following Wednesday’s violence at the Capitol, Trump’s accounts on social media have been blocked – so his frustration and ire are likely reaching volcanic level, so he the most dangerous right now with no means to vent. Always expect the unexpected with Trump, and the worst when pent up!


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