At last it’s here—a new year to replace the worst year in memory, 2020.

I’ve listed here before all the things that made 2020 a perfect storm of curses—the pandemic, the lockdown, economic collapse, new revelations about deeply rooted racial prejudice, and the worst president in U.S. history who made things far worse than they had to be.

I had two books published in 2020, the novel Secretocracy (about the Trump administration) and Coming to Terms (a short story collection about people coping with life’s challenges). They haven’t sold well, mainly because book shops have been shuttered and publishers have been partly crippled by the pandemic. And I haven’t been able to be out and about, doing presentations and readings and autographing. I’m hoping that all that will change in 2021.

I look forward to singular improvements in the new year. The Biden administration at its worst will be mammothly better than the best of the Trump administration. We will see immediate steps to combat the pandemic, vaccines will begin to flow, the nation’s health and economic wellbeing will improve rapidly.

And the hidden mistakes and even crimes of the Trump administration and his Republican supporters will begin to become public. I fully expect that during his last days in office, Trump will wreak vengeance upon the nation that rejected him. He could do enormous damage if he set his mind to it. My only hope is that he and his supporters are too inept to inflict permanent injury.

So 2021 will be a year to remember. The world and the nation will heal and thrive. And I am able to say with confidence to all:

Happy New Year!

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