For better or worse, my hair has turned white as I aged. And I haven’t gotten bald—I’ve gotten hairier. I’m the hairiest man I know with hair everywhere except the palms of my hands and feet, my eyes, and my forehead. And, as noted earlier in this blog, I haven’t had a haircut since March due to the pandemic. Soon the hair on my head will reach my shoulders. As the song says, I’m just a hairy guy.

One of those hairy places is my eyebrows. Not only is the hair there long, my eyebrows slant upward away from my nose, suggesting an evil genius or devilish outlook. When my hair was still dark brown, I regularly got looks and sometimes comments about my eyebrows. Now that the hair there has turned white, people notice them  less.

Barbers are forever asking me if I want my eyebrows trimmed. Of course not. They’re my trademark. When I get around to doing readings and presentations virtually (so far I’ve only done one) and when I can again appear in person, my eyebrows will once again be on full display for all to admire. I can hardly wait.

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