Trump Desperate

As the U. S. breaks records for new virus cases and as it becomes clearer hourly that Trump has lost the election, he is becoming hourly more frantic. His Thursday night lie-filled tantrum broadcast from the White House showed how fraught he is. What Americans must brace for is that he will be in power until the inauguration on January 20, 2021. That’s the better part of three months. What damage might Trump inflict for vengeance?

Most worrisome is that the majority of Republicans still remain silent in the face of Trump’s outlandish lies about the election. That makes them complicit in the huge damage Trump has done to the presidency and the country. Will they continue their quiet support if Trump seeks to ravage the nation?

And what might Trump do? The possibilities are limited only by the bounds on presidential power.

I believe that we are in serious danger.

2 thoughts on “Trump Desperate”

  1. Tom, your disdain for the Republican Party and President Trump has been readily evident in your many
    recent postings. Truly sorry for you. Let us see how all this works out then blow our whistle—whichever way it should go. .


  2. Thanks for the comment, B. As I write, we now know that Trump is defeated but so far has refused to concede. He has the opportunity show his graciousness and concern for the good of the country by working for a smooth transition. Let’s watch him and the Republicans and see if my disdain is justified by how they handle defeat.


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