Election Day

The date for the most important election in my lifetime is now only two days away. The way people vote will decide the fate of the United States of America. Either we will reelect the man and the party—Trump and the Republicans—who are pushing our nation toward fascism or we will choose democracy.

In front of my house is a sign that shows the American flag with the words “PRO-AMERICA” and “ANTI-TRUMP.” The man across the cul-de-sac from me has put a sign in his yard that says “STOP TRUMP, ELECT DEMOCRATS, SAVE AMERICA.” To me, neither sign is an exaggeration.

My best guess is that the election will defeat Trump and the Republicans at levels never before reached in our country. I believe that we will know before midnight on 3 November that Trump and his party have been ousted at historical margins.

But I might be wrong. The election might be close. The final count and the outcome might be delayed for days, even weeks, because so many voters opted for vote-by-mail due to the pandemic.

I’m confident that Trump and the Republicans will be removed from power, but if the complete tally is slow in coming, Trump might refuse to accept the results, claiming the election is rigged,  and insist on holding the White House and Congress. Chaos will follow.

Under these conditions, our country will suffer enormous damage. But Trump doesn’t care about destruction inflicted on the U.S. He cares only about himself.

We’d best be prepared for the worst.

4 thoughts on “Election Day”

  1. Tom, truly heart broken over your attitude towards Republicans and our President. God bless you in truly special ways—you remain one of my true heroes. Yes, I am a Republican and a Trump supporter.


  2. Billy, as you know, I have great respect for you. I don’t understand how you or anyone else can support Trump after the things he’s done as president. His lying alone would be enough to disqualify him. But I’m sure you have good and valid reasons.


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