A couple of days ago, a man who follows my blog asked to come to my home for a conversation. I was impressed that a someone who reads what I write day to day wanted to meet me face to face.

When he arrived, I greeted him masked. He was masked, too. For the next two hours we talked, sitting six feet from one another.

Several aspects of our interchange impressed me. He is a well-educated, well-read man who has followed my blog posts. He had researched my history. As a result, he knew a great deal about me. I knew nothing about him until he informed me. I learned that he is young enough to be my son, old enough to have adult children. He is fascinated by history and recalls facts and figures far beyond my ken.

Because he knew so much about me, I listened more than I talked. Among other things, he expressed confidence that younger folks—the age of his adult children—are savvy enough to defeat Trump in November. Neither of us know whether the election will be close or a landslide in favor of Biden, but we’re both sure Trump will be defeated. He’s more confident than I am that Trump will be removed by force if need be.

What impressed me the most about our conversation was that I learned from listening to him. He is a man wise beyond his years. And I am the beneficiary.

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