A New Wave

Reports in the media indicate that a new wave of the coronavirus pandemic is about to hit us. With the weather cooling and more people gathering indoors, conditions favoring more and more transmissions are growing. In the U.S., we’re approaching nine million infections, and we’ll soon have suffered 230,000 deaths.

And the Trump administration still has done nothing to mitigate the pandemic. Trump dismissed it early, then said it would disappear, and now—as the figures grow worse daily—says things are getting better. Trump continues to hold rallies with people jammed together, mostly not wearing masks, as if taunting the virus and daring it to attack.

One of my associates died from covid-19. Another is sick with it. For seven months, I have isolated myself from all human contact because, as an older man with a history of lung cancer, I’m a prime target for the disease, and it would likely prove fatal to me. Now it looks like my isolation will last until next summer, thanks to the failure of the Trump administration to take even one step to combat the disease.

I fault the Trump administration for many crimes against the American people, but this is the worst: failure to address a pandemic that has sickened over eight million of us and killed almost 230,000.

Can we correct this national failure by voting against Trump in November?

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