Trump Nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize

Shocked by the news that someone had proposed to give the Nobel Peace Prize to Donald Trump, I researched the story. It turns out that Trump has been nominated not once but three times. His first nomination came from a Norwegian Parliament member for his role in the United Arab Emirates-Israel peace deal. Next, a Swedish Parliament member nominated Trump again after he helped secure a deal for normalized economic relations between Serbia and Kosovo. The third nomination came in September from a group of Australian law professors—I couldn’t determine for what.

 I was relieved to learn that no Americans, not even the Republicans, had been involved in any of the nominations. Surely no sane American would believe that Trump, clearly the worst president in our history, would be deserving of a prize for the performance of his duty. The American press is reporting, instead, that Trump will be indicted for multiple crimes once he is no longer protected by the mantle of the presidency.

Things may get worse if Trump becomes more desperate as his forthcoming defeat in the November election appears inevitable. He continues to encourage white supremacist groups to intimidate voters and may refuse to depart the White House. We could be facing the first attempted coup d’etat in American history.

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