Election Results: Be Patient

I’m worried that the initial results of the election that will be reported on the night of 3 November may be misleading. For reasons I don’t understand, more Democrats than Republicans are planning to vote by mail which could produce deceptive early counts favoring Trump. If that happens, Trump will declare himself the winner. Even if later results make it unmistakably clear that he lost, he may refuse to give up the presidency. America would be faced, for the first time in its history, with a coup d’etat.

I think it is more likely that, from the beginning, the vote count will make it clear that Biden has won by a landslide. If that happens, Trump will have no grounds for holding the presidency. Granted, he may anyway, claiming without evidence that the election was rigged. I suspect that the chances are high that we will need to remove Trump by force when it is clear he has lost the election.

Meanwhile, if the results of the vote count are delayed on the night of 3 November, I ask that all citizens be patient and wait for the final outcome. The results will be worth waiting for.

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