Trump Desperate

The press and other media are overflowing with reports on Trump’s growing frenzy as the election nears. His campaign hopes to recruit an “army for Trump,” 50,000 volunteers to act as poll watchers and ask voters if they can legally vote—to discourage people from voting. Trump through his supporters has called on armed groups to be at the ready when election results start flowing in, presumably to hold the White House by force if necessary. Finally this morning’s Washington Post features a lead article on Trump pressing the Justice Department to move against his political adversaries, the Democrats. Trump’s behavior is becoming more and more erratic.

I am forced to ask just how wild Trump will become as election day approaches. Think of the power this man holds. He can start World War III at any time. He can order a nuclear attack without the concurrence of any other individual or group. He can order the armed forces to do his bidding.

As Trump flails more wildly each day, the rest of the government should be preparing to intervene if he becomes totally irrational. The Republicans who have supported Trump through all his madness are complicit in his guilt for, among other things, failing to combat the pandemic that has now killed more than 218,000 people in the U.S. The Republicans control the Senate. Can they be depended upon to step in?

Be prepared, America: the worst is yet to come.

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