My Apple Tree

As a matter of health and self-discipline, I eat lots of fruits, vegetables, and eggs, and little fish or meat. As a result, I end up with plenty of seeds, especially from apples. I usually toss the seeds into the trees and bushes behind my house (I eat on my deck whenever possible) in hopes that they’ll sprout. If they do, someday there will be a wild apple orchard at the back of my house.

But I planted two of the seeds in pots on the deck. Both sprouted, but one really flourished. I kept it in the sun on my picnic table and fertilized it once a week. It grew so quickly I had to find a larger pot for it. When the weather cooled, I brought it and the other potted plants in. Now it’s about a foot tall sitting by a sunny window in my piano room.

Eventually, I’ll plant my sapling in the ground between my house and the pond to my immediate north. Meanwhile, I guess I’ll keep putting it in larger pots.

Or maybe I’ll be the first in my neighborhood to have a potted tree bigger than he is on his deck.

One thought on “My Apple Tree”

  1. Tom,
    Reading about your apple tree-in-a-pot is a welcome respite from the turmoil of knowing our President and First Lady now have this deadly virus, and all that this brings forth. These are perilous, uncertain times. And still, trees live on.


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