Yard Sign

My neighbor, who lives across the cul-de-sac from me, has posted a large sign in his yard. It reads:




The first and third lines are bright red letters on a white background. The middle line is white letters against blue. So he has the three patriotic colors—red, white, and blue—prominently displayed. The message is loud and clear.

When I congratulated my neighbor on the sign, he told me that four years ago he put out a similar sign supporting the election of Hillary Clinton. It was stolen within a few days. He’s waiting to see how long this one lasts.

It’s still there this morning. Four days now. There’s hope.

2 thoughts on “Yard Sign”

  1. Tom,
    The great Saint Augustine told us that hope has two daughters: anger and courage. Anger that things
    are not what they ought to be and courage to make them what they must be. Here’s to your neighbor displaying both daughters and here’s to us all doing the same these next few weeks…


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