Biden Support Among Those of Modest Income

I’m surprised to discover evidence in the media that Americans of the lower classes—those with less money—are sometimes ambivalent about supporting Joe Biden for president. The reason seems to be that those populations favor conservative moral and cultural norms at odds with Biden’s more liberal approach. They tend to disagree with him about abortion, taxes, future relations with Cuba, sexual orientation, and his stand on police funding which they misrepresent.

Those who belong to minority groups are often liberal in their politics but conservative in their ethics. Blacks, Asians, and especially Latinos are frequently members of traditional religious communities that condemn, for example, divorce and same-sex relationships.

What this hesitancy to support the Democrats overlooks, to the detriment of those who hold the view, is the far greater importance of economic liberalism for the lower classes. Liberals have long supported fair wages, unions, equal pay for equal work, minimum wage laws, and many other measures to improve the economic status of those at the lower end of the financial scale.

When those with less income fail to support liberal candidates, they are working for their own disadvantage. I hope and trust they will see the light in time to elect those who will do the most good for them.

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