Trump: A Three-Term President

Each time I try to turn my attention away from the Trump presidency, Trump offers new evidence for alarm. This time it’s hints that Trump won’t give up the presidency even if he is defeated in the November election.

The story started a while back when Trump suggested that he might not relinquish the White House in January even if he is not re-elected. Then he threatened to send sheriffs and law enforcement personnel to polling places which would intimidate those who wanted to vote against him. Over the weekend, he stated that if he wins re-election this November, he will “negotiate” in order to run for an unconstitutional third term. On Sunday, Michael Caputo, Trump’s Health and Human Services (HHS) chief spokesman, warned Trump supporters to be prepared for an armed insurrection and “buy ammunition” after a contested election. He added, “And when Donald Trump refuses to stand down at the inauguration, the shooting will begin.”

Trump, in sum, is threatening to stay in power by force of arms. Will it lead to armed conflict? Will Trump lead us into a civil war?

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