Politicization of Intelligence

Two recent developments, now being reported in the press, are arousing grave concern in me as an intelligence professional. First, the Director of National Intelligence is withholding briefings from Congress. Second, a whistleblower in the intelligence community claims that he was told to stop reporting on Russia’s efforts to disrupt the 2020 election.

When falsification of intelligence begins, so does fascism. Trump is attempting to distort and withhold the truth from government decision makers and the American people. He is trying to persuade citizens that the country is in a crisis and that he, the law and order president, is the only one who can fix it. This is on top of the thousands of lies he has told us while in office. In the aftermath of Bob Woodward’s book, Trump admitted he lied about the severity of the coronavirus pandemic to forestall panic. Apparently panic control is more important than saving thousands of lives and justifies blatant lying.

Just how bad Trump’s actions have been won’t be apparent until after he has left office and is no longer able to hide damning evidence. I fully expect that Trump will be arraigned, convicted, and sentenced to prison for crimes we don’t even know about because he has been able to conceal them while is still in office. What possessed Americans to elect this man to office in the first place?

Americans, beware. The distortion of intelligence has begun. Fascism is at our door.

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