Personal Insult

President Trump has insulted Vietnam veterans, myself included. He has said that Vietnam was a stupid war; anyone who went there was a sucker.

This quote came to light in the aftermath of the furor over his remarks that those killed and wounded in our wars are losers and suckers. Those who went to Vietnam were “too dumb to have gotten out of it.” He expressed disgust and revulsion for war wounded. He didn’t want them in any parade he participated in because it was “not a good look.”

A variety of sources—the Washington Post, the New York Times, and even Fox News—have verified the validity of the quotes from Trump. There is no question he said, multiple times, the words attributed to him.

As readers of this blog know, I spent more time in Vietnam that in the U.S. between 1962 and 1975. I escaped under fire when Saigon fell. I stood shoulder to shoulder with young men brutally killed on the battlefield. I knew these men. I lived undercover as one of them, wearing their uniform and going into combat with them. I still grieve over their deaths.

For the president to refer to those of us who risked out lives on the battlefield and those who were killed or wounded as suckers and losers is a grave insult. I take it personally.

Let’s rid ourselves of the disgusting man currently occupying the White House. He has betrayed us.

3 thoughts on “Personal Insult”

  1. Tom, I know that President Trump can be very unpleasant, and I also know that his enemies do not hesitate to make up lies about him. I can give you many examples. Trump’s careless verbal meanderings (I call it dyspeakia) give his critics many things with which to hit him, but I do not believe him to be an evil man.

    In early September there was considerable journalistic and political furor over a article in The Atlantic magazine claiming that President Trump had referred to our nations fallen heroes as “suckers and losers.” The story was written by Chief Editor Jeffrey Goldberg and was said to be based on several anonymous sources.

    The article provoked a strong response from the White House, and more than a dozen persons, not all of them friends of Trump, stepped forward to strongly challenge the veracity of Goldberg’s story. At least one key part of the anonymous sources’ account was thoroughly disproven by contemporary evidence. The President himself said that the entire article was a ugly fabrication.

    Unfortunately, because of our the nature of our libel and slander laws, it is very difficult for public figures in America to defend themselves against this sort of attack. Goldberg says that his sources demanded anonymity for fear of verbal assaults from Trump supporters. They are doubtless correct. However, anyone making such outrageously harmful charges against another person should identify themselves and provide some evidence to support their story. Otherwise, they should remain silent. Goldberg, by publishing this article, has done the nation and journalism a great disservice.


    1. Sandy, I’m surprised you defend Donald Trump given his record of malfeasance. His use of “sucker” and “loser” to refer to those killed and wounded in combat was verified in the Washington Post, the New York Times, National Public Radio, and even Fox News. And of course he and his supporters denied that he used those words. Why should we believe them? As of July, the Washington Post recorded more than 20,000 falsities spoken by Trump. How can you support such a man?


      1. Tom, My basic problem is that I do not know whom to believe. I know many instances of erroneous news or suppression of the facts by supposedly reputable news organizations such as the Post and NYT. I no longer trust them. In fact, years ago I cancelled my subscription to the Washington Post because of their all too obvious bias and misrepresentation of the facts. This was long before Trump. Since his election the mainstream media has been more or less fully united in its attempt to destroy him, and journalistic integrity is out the window.

        Trump has offended me on many occasions by his petty vindictiveness towards his enemies. Nevertheless, I believe his policies and achievements are beneficial to our nation. I judge him by his actions rather than his words.
        At the same time, I fear the Democrats. I believe their agenda would be a disaster for our nation.

        I have great respect for you, Tom, but we will agree to disagree on this subject.


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