Glenn’s Anti-Trump Stance

A reader has accused me of going political in this blog—something I swore I never would do. He pointed out that the series of anti-Trump posts over the past few weeks greatly favors the Democrats over the Republicans.

But Trump and the Republicans have created a threat so grave that it is beyond politics. American democracy is at risk. Trump has repeatedly violated the law, but the Republicans have refused to hold him to account. Now he is threatening to delay the November election. He has hinted that if he is defeated, he will refuse to leave the presidency. Do I need to point out to readers that this is fascism writ large?

It is incumbent upon us as Americans to do everything in our power to use peaceful means bring this menace to an end. We must work together as brothers and sisters to remove Trump and his supporters from power and restore democracy. We owe it to our fellow citizens, our children, and our grandchildren.

It’s up to us. Let’s do it.

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