How the U.S. Bungled Fighting the Coronavirus

Yesterday morning, the New York Times online offered statistics on coronavirus deaths in the U.S. (you can read it in toto at I can do no better than to quote:

“If the United States had done merely an average job of fighting the coronavirus — if the U.S. accounted for the same share of virus deaths as it did global population — how many fewer Americans would have died?
“The answer: about 145,000.


“That’s a large majority of the country’s 183,000 confirmed coronavirus-related deaths.
No other country looks as bad by this measure. The U.S. accounts for 4 percent of the world’s population, and for 22 percent of confirmed Covid-19 deaths. It is one of the many signs that the Trump administration has done a poorer job of controlling the virus than dozens of other governments around the world.”

As the article points out, the numbers are only estimates:

“Most scientists believe the real U.S. death toll is higher than the official numbers indicate.”

More tomorrow.

2 thoughts on “How the U.S. Bungled Fighting the Coronavirus”

  1. It’s heartbreaking to look at this death count here in what is, in many measures, the greatest country in the world. The only way out now begins in November. Election Day. Be safe, Tom to you & all your readers.


    1. Rose, as always, thank you. I will do all I can to stay safe. That means staying isolated. As the administration is still doing nothing to combat the coronavirus, looks like I’ll be hunkering down alone through much of next year.


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