Trump’s Damage to the Post Office

President Trump’s assignment of Louis DeJoy as the Post Master of the U.S. is taking its toll. Mail has slowed down. Some days I get no mail; other days I get a mailbox full. Mail is now delivered at different times of the day. One day it didn’t appear until 6:30 in the evening.

Trump’s purpose in disrupting the mail is to hamper voting by mail. If he is able to delay the arrival of ballots enough, they won’t be counted. His intent is to reduce the vote count for Biden, but studies suggest that slowed-down voting by mail will hurt both parties. On the other hand, polls show that more Democrats than Republicans are planning to vie by mail.

DeJoy maintains that he ceased removing equipment and mailboxes when Congress complained. But he didn’t say he had put back into operation machinery already removed or restored mailboxes. Nor do we know if he is now allowing overtime pay to assure delivery of the mail on time. All we know for sure is that mail delivery is still disrupted.

Have we really come to this, that the president of the United States damages the post office in hopes of winning an election?

We have two more months before the election. What else will Trump do?

3 thoughts on “Trump’s Damage to the Post Office”

  1. Tom, I know you wish to blame President Trump for everything, but please note that the Postmaster General is appointed by the Postal Board of Governors, not the President.


  2. Another note: This nations partisan divide serves to obscure the truth. Postmaster General Louis DeJoy, who took office on June 16, has been charged with altering Postal Service policies to hamper the delivery of mail-in ballots for this year’s election. However, the claims are nonsense.

    The volume of letter mail has steadily declined for two decades and now stands at less than half what it was in 2001. As volume has fallen, the Postal Service has steadily reduced its inventory of things such as sorting machines and collection boxes under both Republican and Democratic administrations.

    The charge that DeJoy is responsible for starting the removal of collection boxes and sorting machines is thus wrong on two fronts.

    First, the removals are part of a long-term process to cut costs and keep the Postal Service financially sustainable. Second, this year’s removals were approved or underway prior to DeJoy’s arrival. In fact, the only order he has given regarding them is to halt further removals.


    1. Sandy, I don’t need to blame Trump for everything. He takes care of that by himself. I know that the Post Master is appointed by the Postal Board of Governors. All of them were put in place by Trump. They are all loyal Republicans more than eager to do Trump’s bidding. All he had to do was tell them what h wanted.

      DeJoy did in fact remove collection boxes and sorting machines. Maybe the removals can be characterized as part of a long-term process. But DeJoy’s job is to keep the post office operating effectively. Instead, he has reduced its effectiveness. I see it in my daily mail. Some days I don’t get mail at all. Other days, my mailbox is full to overflowing. Letters are taking longer to reach me than they used to.

      All of this is of more than passing interest to me. As an author, I depend on the post office to transport my manuscripts to publishers and to deliver copies of my books and of books that I’ll be reviewing. My profession depends on the post office. Right now, the post office is less than dependable.


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