The Next Election

A little more than two months from now, we will be called upon to elect new representatives at the national, state, and local levels. The November 3 election will take place in the middle of the coronavirus pandemic. Polls and other data strongly suggest that Trump and the Republicans will lose, perhaps by margins greater than we have ever seen.

Trump, seeing the writing on the wall, has suggested that he will take steps to subvert the election. He threatened to postpone it, presumably until a time more suitable for his reelection—or maybe indefinitely. He hinted darkly that if he is defeated, he will refuse to give up the presidency. He has said that he will send police to polling stations, which would intimidate voters. Now he’s talking about sending secret federal agents into cities to attack peaceful protestors. And he wants to cripple the post office to suppress vote by mail.

If Trump actually does any of these proposed actions, he will be behaving as a dictator. His moves towards fascism will be come concrete. American democracy will be severely threatened.

I call upon all government officials of all political stripes to step up to oppose each of these moves and to do everything necessary to facilitate voting during a pandemic. We all must work together to make the election as free and fair as possible. We must do all we can to assure that the election goes forward despite the pandemic. And we must ensure that those defeated comply with the will of the people.

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