The Truth No Longer Matters to Republicans

Picking up where I left off yesterday, the news this morning is rife with reports on falsehoods that filled the last day of the Republican convention last night, capped by a Trump speech. This morning’s Washington Post lead editorial is titled “A litany of fictions.” Reporter Dan Balz notes that “Trump’s convention stands out for its brazen defiance of the facts.” Reports from broadcast news echo the same refrain. Truth is being forsaken in the interest of reelecting Trump.

Quite aside from the politics of the current situation, the Republicans are doing grave damage to themselves and, more importantly, to the country. To favor lies over truth is to invite disaster. The pattern of autocrats of history has been to use distortion and denial of the truth as weapons to seize power. Does no one see the parallel between Hitler’s rise and what Trump is pursuing at the moment? Trump apparently intends to dismiss the election results as “rigged.” He has toyed publicly with refusing to leave the presidency if he is defeated in the election.

Wake up, America. Genuine disaster could lie ahead.

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