Does the Truth Still Matter?

In following the news of the Republican convention, I’m struck again by the falsity. The Guardian headlined its report on the GOP gathering as “Republican convention delivers whirlwind of lies great and small.” Speaker after speaker misrepresented the facts about Trump and what his administration has done.

This morning’s Washington Post’s lead editorial it titled “False Charges.” It details the smear campaign against Joe Biden launched at the Republican convention. The speakers accused Biden of misdeeds in terms long ago proven to be false.

That comes on the heels of Trump’s unparalleled record of lies. The Washington Post Fact Checker maintains a running list of the false or misleading statements Trump has made. By mid-July, it was already over 20,000.

Doesn’t anybody care? What kind of a nation have we become when one of the two major political parties touts proven lies to establish itself as the preferred representative of the American people?

Have we really come to this?

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