Coming to Terms Synopsis

At the request of the Palette and the Page, an art gallery, bookstore, and gift shop in Elkton, Maryland, I drafted a synopsis for my new book, Coming to Terms. It reads:

Coming to Terms is a collection of ten short stories. As the ‘Foreword’ explains, the stories are of men and women confronted with pain as a consequence of love and hate, goodness and evil. Each finds a way to go on living, however imperfectly. None is left unscathed. All these tales come from the life of the author, as a husband, father, soldier, and caregiver to the dying. Each major character is drawn from people he’s known. His hope is that both he and the reader can learn from the choices these people made.”

I commend the Palette and the Page to my readers. It’s located at 120 E Main St, Elkton, MD 21921; (410) 398-3636. The shop features my books and those of other local authors. These days its sales are mostly mail order and curb pickup.

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