Virtual Presentations

With the pandemic lockdown continuing and likely to be prolonged because the virus spread is rising, not sinking, I’ll be replacing my in-person readings and presentations with remote appearances using the Zoom software. Thanks to the generosity of a friend and fellow writer, I now have a webcam. I have a far more sophisticated camera on order, but it’s delivery has been delayed by the lockdown, the dilemma it was intended to overcome.

Learning to do Zoom presentations will take some doing. I’ll have to practice with the software to learn how to, for example, show slides as well as being on camera myself. I’ll need to become familiar with the ways to notify audience members and assure that they can see and hear me. I’ve already started experimenting with the camera for lighting, angle, and position to achieve the best performance. It’s a new field of learning for me.

I am indebted and deeply grateful to Greg May who supplied me with the webcam. He went out of his way to bring the camera to me and has worked with me in setting it up and using it. He is a remarkable man in his own right. Trained and experienced as a circus entertainer, he performs for parties and organizations. You can learn more about him at his web site:

As a writer to whom words have great importance, I’m amused to be writing about virtual appearances. “Virtual” to me always meant actual but maybe not recognized or formalized. “Virtual” and “remote” have changed their meaning.

And now I will be able to do readings from the two most recent of my books, Secretocracy, published last March, and Coming to Terms, due out this month. And I can do my standard presentations on the fall of Saigon, the 1967 battle of Dak To in Vietnam’s western highlands, and Post-Traumatic Stress Injury (PTSI), which I suffer from as a result of being in combat in Vietnam and surviving the fall of Saigon. And I could do my workshop on fiction craftsmanship if I can figure out a way to get the handouts to the participants.

If any readers would be interested in remote presentations or readings, email me at

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