Caring for One’s Health

I’ve mentioned in passing in this blog that I am something of a health nut. I go out of my way to assure that I eat a healthy, lean diet. I work out with weights. I go for walks. I sleep to my heart’s content.

The result is that I am a pinnacle of health for my age. I feel good. I’m very active. But I am surrounded by people who seem not to care about their health. They don’t exercise. They even avoid physical activity. They smoke. Some drink to excess. And they are almost uniformly overweight.

These days when I go shopping, I surreptitiously watch others. I’m continuously surprised to see that the shoppers surrounding me are so frequently heavier than they should be. Those over fifty, when watching one’s health matters most, are the most likely to be fat.

One explanation is laziness. But at the cost of one’s health? I don’t understand. I’m mystified.

Maybe readers of this blog can help me understand why people short-change their health when they don’t have to. I’m baffled.

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