Why Do Reruns?

A reader asks: why do I repost texts from several years ago—what I call reruns? Because the current situation suggests that I revisit my earlier views, update them, and, if necessary, revise them. A prime example is my posts on capital punishment. The Trump administration’s reinstatement of the death penalty and execution of three people forced me to speak out.

Sometimes the current situation—particularly the actions of the Trump administration—require that I resurrect an earlier text. If I have addressed previously the issue he brings up, I return to my original writing and revise as necessary.

Sometimes my opinions change or, more likely, mature. My judgments of three years ago are subject to revision as I grow and learn more. Fortunately, even at my advanced age, that’s still happening.

And sometimes, I feel that I need to alert the readers of this blog on my views. I want to be sure, for example, that no one believes that I support President Trump. I want it to be clearly understood that I believe slavery to be an indelible stain on the history of the country I love, that bigotry of any kind is wrong, and that my work in Vietnam during the war was honorable, not deserving of condemnation.

So sometimes I go back to texts of earlier blog posts, modify and update them, and offer them to my readers. So far, from readers’ response, it seems I’m doing the right thing.

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