Trump (2)

More on the news reports that Trump dismisses intelligence about Russian bounties for the lives of American soldiers:

Was the report of Russian bounties on American soldiers given to the president? Based on my thirty-five years working in the U.S. intelligence community, I find it hard to believe that a report that urgent would have been withheld from Trump. We know that he doesn’t read his daily intelligence briefing; we know he doesn’t pay attention to verbal briefs given to him; we know he is hostile to the intelligence community. But information this important surely was brought to his attention.

If it wasn’t, the blame still rests on the president and those close to him. Granted, he’s seen to it that those around him are not professionals but sycophants. Granted, those men and women want to avoid angering the president by giving him information unflattering to Russia. If that’s what happened, our nation is in serious jeopardy.

Why does Trump always favor our number one enemy nation, Russia? Why does he go so far as to share out intelligence with Putin? Why does he side with Putin against his own intelligence agencies?

I join with those condemning Trump for failing to protect the lives of U.S. soldiers and Marines in Afghanistan. In the less than six months left of his time in office, let us pray that he doesn’t get the U.S. into a war.

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