The newspapers these days are filled with stories of President Trump’s scandalous and even treasonous behavior. Because this blog is not for political expression, I avoid talking about Trump here. But when he does something that endangers American military men, I have to speak out.

After the end of my army enlistment, I spent many years working with the military as a member of the intelligence community. For the better part of thirteen years during the Vietnam war, I operated under cover as an enlisted man (army or Marine, depending on the unit I was supporting) while providing signals intelligence on the battlefield. As a result of my experience, I developed great respect and admiration for our fighting men and the sacrifices they were willing to make to protect our country.

The issue at question now is Trump’s reaction to reports from the intelligence community that Russia paid bounties to the Taliban to kill U.S. soldiers in Afghanistan. Trump claims he was never briefed on those reports and dismisses them as a hoax. He took no action to protect the targeted soldiers and failed to condemn the Russian action.

Arguments that the intelligence was unconfirmed means little. Intelligence is rarely confirmed. The intelligence community judges the validity of information from its sources based on a variety of factors, but it almost never declares that a report is unquestionably true.

More tomorrow.

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