Life Goals

This blog over the years has mirrored my development and maturing as I grow old. I’m now to the point that I ponder what my life is about and whether I have spent my time in honorable ways. I conclude, with what I hope is pardonable pride, that I have pursued good goals and have achieved much that I set out to accomplish.

Earning a good living was never my ambition. I loved the work I did, gave it my all, and, in passing, was well paid. I loved languages, worked in seven different ones, and pushed myself to do my best. Put in charge of others, I led rather than managed and found my fulfillment in the accomplishments of my followers. When I reached the executive ranks, I nurtured my subordinates and celebrated their victories. The results were indeed phenomenal. Almost incidentally, I rose to the top of the executive ranks. That allowed me to retire early so I could write fulltime.

I have written fiction all my life. By age six, I realized I was born to write. But, as I grew older, I learned that I had to earn a living and support my wife and children. So I became a spy and later led other spies. Over time, I came to understand that I was blessed with talents and understanding that meant I could be of immense help to others. It was incumbent upon me to do all I could to uplift my fellow men and women.

And yet only recently has it become clear to me that through it all I have had two life goals: to write and to help others. As I reach my maturity, I see that I have worked as hard as I know how to reach both of those goals. On the writing side: I now have six books and 17 short stories in print with two more novels in the works. On the helping side: for many years, I worked as a volunteer with those who needed the help I could give.

For twelve years in the past and again now, I have volunteered to work with the dying. I made that choice because we Americans—unlike other nationalities—are terrified of facing death. Hospice needs help, and I can give it. So I do.

So I am content. My two life goals, writing and helping others, have led to real contributions. When my time comes, I can rest in peace.

But that time is still a long ways off. Between now and then, I have much work to do.

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