Rerun: “Men Are the Noisiest Things”

I posted long ago in this blog about women’s way of judging men. They see us as a loud, brash, clumsy, and insensitive. All that came back to me recently when a woman friend observed, “Men are the noisiest things.”

That made me stop and think. She’s right. As my recent posts on masculinity pointed out, we men are proud of our strength, ruggedness, dominance. I think we actually enjoy banging things around. Makes us feel in charge.

The post of several years ago on the subject still stands the test of time. One evening when a lady friend was over for dinner, I went to the bathroom to take my meds after eating dinner—I can’t take them on an empty stomach. As usual, I opened the medicine chest, took each pill, put the pill container back on the shelf, and closed the door. Then I looked in the side cabinet for the capsules that come in jars so large they won’t fit in the medicine chest. I took those, put each jar back, and shut the cabinet door. I had spilled some water on the floor when I drank from the plastic cup in a holder by the sink, so I looked for a dry rag in the cabinet under the sink, closed the cabinet, wiped the floor, and put the rag in the laundry hamper, and shut it. Then I left the room and closed the door firmly behind me.

My friend was in the hall. She looked perplexed. “Were you having a fight in there?” she asked. “What on earth was all that crashing and banging?”

She went into the bathroom and closed the door. I stood listening. Not a sound.

As she pointed out later, we men make no attempt to keep the noise down. We stamp around, slam doors, bang into walls, and drop things in place without a thought. For reasons I don’t understand, women go out of their way to avoid conspicuous noise.

I thought back about what I had done in the bathroom. Yes, I closed each cabinet door firmly, dropped bottles and jars back in their place, slammed the laundry hamper to be sure it was properly shut, and pulled the bathroom door closed to confirm it was engaged. That all seemed like the normal things to do.

Not from her point of view. She folded her arms and shook her head. “Men are the noisiest things.”

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