Secretocracy’s Cover

Why does a book about the Trump administration show a throne on the cover? I thought the answer to that question was obvious, but I’ll answer it anyway.

The cover of Secretocracy points to President Trump’s moves toward grasping more and more power unto himself—i.e., seizing the throne—leaving less and less to the governed. A significant threshold was crossed when police pushed back protestors in Lafayette Square on 1 June using tear gas and pepper spray to allow Trump to proceed for a photo op—a violation of the Constitution.

The book cover raises the specter of a man who would be king with absolute power. Like the story told in the novel, the cover is a warning.

All the current polls that I know of show a clear citizen preference for Joe Biden over Donald Trump in November’s election. But what if Trump contests the election’s outcome? He could claim malfeasance or vote counting errors or illegally cast votes. In other words, what will Americans do if Trump is defeated but refuses to yield the presidency?

The picture of a throne on the cover of Secretocracy is a warning: get ready for the worst.

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