Who Reads this Blog?

In the three years I’ve maintained this blog, I have no idea how many different people have read posts. The figures provided by the software don’t tell me who the readers are nor if they are the same people who have read it before. I’ve had as high as seventy readers recorded in a single day and as few as two. Comments from readers are few and far between.

The software does tell me the location of the readers. The cumulative total shows more from the U.S. than any other country, but on any given day foreign readers might well outnumber U.S. residents. An oddity I haven’t been able to explain is that on any given day, readers from a single nation other than the U.S. may number half a dozen when there have been no readers from that country for weeks before that. Nor do they reappear in following days.

I have readers from all over the world. They hail from Australia, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Sweden, Finland, France, the UK, Northern Ireland, Hong Kong, Denmark, China—and that’s the list from just one week. Vietnam appears more often than any other foreign country. I don’t find that surprising because so much of my writing is about Vietnam.

I’m glad those from other countries access my blog. I’m flattered by their interest. I encourage them to comment on what they read here.

4 thoughts on “Who Reads this Blog?”

  1. Good morning, Tom, just wanted to let you know that I’m one of the readers of your blog. I wish more people read it. I hope you are staying well in these trying times with a lying ignorant president, rampant racism, and a nasty virus dominating what used to be a great nation. I despair now, but look hopefully forward to a Biden win in the fall.


    1. I’m with you, Bob. The news about Trump gets worse by the day. His Republican supporters are complicit in his crimes. The day or reckoning is coming


  2. Hello Tom,

    You likely know I read your blog and appreciate your take on matters. These are trying times. To quote my father, who was a wise and modest educator, It’s hang-on time. We have to keep hanging on —and speaking truth to power.


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