Secretocracy and the Pandemic

My most recent novel, Secretocracy, was released on the last day of March 2020 in the midst of the covid-19 pandemic. It’s now available at bookstores everywhere and on every online bookseller I’ve checked. As I noted here earlier, in normal times I’d be up to my ears in readings and presentations with a new book out, but due to the pandemic, I’m staying at home, away from all human contact.

The irony is that Secretocracy is fiction about the Trump administration’s harassment of government budgeteer who refuses to fund an illegal program being pushed by the president. It couldn’t be more timely. Daily, a new scandal erupts about Trump’s firing of a government watchdog who won’t faun before him. American democracy is at risk.

So I’ve ordered a webcam to be able to do virtual readings and presentations. Once it arrives and I’ve learned how to use it, I’ll do as many public appearances as I can to get the word out about Secretocracy. Unfortunately, shipment of the webcam has also been delayed by the lockdown. I might not get it before the pandemic is over.

If it doesn’t arrive, I can still do voice-only presentations. In fact, I’m already scheduled to so one in early June.

Turns out even a lockdown can’t silence me or others. Ingenuity and willingness to try new technologies (new to me, anyway) can win the day.

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