Publishing a Novel During the Lockdown

My newest novel, Secretocracy, was officially published by Adelaide Books on 30 March 2020. Under ordinary circumstances, by now I’d be in the middle of readings, presentations, and book signings—so busy I’d barely have time to sleep. But because of the covid-19 pandemic, nothing is happening. Bookstores are closed. So are venues at which I’d normally be asked to speak. Now, more than three weeks after the book’s publication, I have yet to do a reading and haven’t autographed a single copy.

Nor have I received copies of the book. I understand they’ve been shipped, but they haven’t arrived. Friends have asked to buy autographed copies. I ask them to wait.

Even online booksellers, other than Amazon, are not yet offering Secretocracy for sale. I ordered a copy from Amazon as soon as the book appeared on the site, but was informed that shipment has been delayed. You can order Secretocracy from Amazon at but be prepared for delays.

Meanwhile, as I posted several days ago, you can read about the book in the announcement of its publication at

Looks like I’ll have to wait out the lockdown before I can promote Secretocracy.

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