Two Quotes

The Washington Post of 5 April features two articles on the front page about the disaster that resulted from President Trump’s failure to react forcefully to the coronavirus pandemic. Here are the opening paragraphs:

“By the time Donald Trump proclaimed himself a wartime president — and the coronavirus the enemy — the United States was already on course to see more of its people die than in the wars of Korea, Vietnam, Afghanistan, and Iraq combined.”

“President Trump downplayed the coronavirus threat, was slow to move and has delivered mixed messages to the nation. The federal bureaucracy bungled rapid production of tests for the virus. Stockpiles of crucial medical materials were limited and supply line cumbersome. States and hospitals were plunged into life-and-death competition with one another.”

I avoid political opinions in this blog, but this is beyond politics. It’s a matter of huge numbers of Americans dying. We are heading toward an unparalleled disaster largely because of the indifference and incompetence of our president. His apparent view is that restoring the economy and particularly avoiding problems in the stock markets that might hurt his chances of re-election are more important than saving lives.

The Republicans in Congress continue to support Trump. That makes them complicit in Trump’s deeds and guilty of damage to the U.S. leading to unprecedented death rates.

Trump and his Republican supporters must be removed from office. Apparently the earliest we can do that is next November’s election.

Let’s do it.

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