Where My Time Goes

Several readers have recently asked me how I find the time to do research on such issues as income disparity, failure of corporations to pay taxes, and the national debt—subjects addressed in this blog that are obviously outside my expertise.

The answer is that I delve into these matters by devoting time to research instead of to writing.

I was born to write. That is my vocation and my mission. I now have four books, 17 short stories, and several nonfiction pieces in print. Next month, my newest novel, Secretocracy, will be published followed by a new book of short stories, called Coming to Terms, in July. I’m currently working on two new novels. It will take at least the rest of this year to finish satisfactory drafts of both.

I also do book reviews for the Washington Independent Review of Books and the Internet Review of Books. Hence, my reading time is nearly always taken up with books I’m reviewing rather than ones I want to read for my own edification. I’ve just completed a review of Benjamin Runkle’s Generals in the Making (Stackpole Books, 2019). I now have more than fifty reviews in print. A copy of Margaret Atwood’s A Handmaid’s Tale awaits my attention when I again have time to read for myself. I hope that happens soon.

Besides writing, I do presentations with slides. I’m currently offering three different ones. Far and away the most popular has been the presentation on the fall of Saigon which I survived escaping under fire after the North Vietnamese were already in the streets. By the end of last year, I had done that presentation more than sixty times. I’ve quit counting. The other two are on the 1967 battle of Dak To in Vietnam’s western highlands and on Post-Traumatic Stress Injury, which I suffer from.

I do these presentations because I want people to know what happened in Vietnam. I’ve done them in a great variety of venues, from schools to retirement communities. I welcome invitations from readers of this blog to offer the presentations in their locales.

More tomorrow.

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