My New Book Coming Out in March

The following is the text I’m using to announce my newest novel:

So it had come to this. August 2018. Trump in the White House, and Gene Westmoreland out on his ass.

Thus begins Tom Glenn’s political thriller, Secretocracy. Set in Washington, D.C. in 2018, the novel is about what the Trump administration does to a government executive who challenges it.

Senior budget reviewer Gene Westmoreland refuses to approve funds for a Trump administration initiative called Operation Firefang—building clandestine nuclear missile sites world-wide—on the grounds that it is illegal and violates treaty agreements. The administration attacks him. A general and a senator rebuke him, his phone is tapped, his car is tailed, and his adult son is trapped into a dangerous relationship. His boss, Clem, who opposes Firefang and refuses to fire Gene, is blackmailed and commits suicide. Now without protection, Gene is stripped of his security clearances and exiled to a warehouse to await termination. If he discloses what he knows, he will be prosecuted for revealing classified information.

As the administration does everything it can to force Gene to resign—to avoid firing him and risking a court case—his estranged wife, another woman he has rejected, and a hate-sick house mate join forces against him. The woman he loves and his son pull back from him as the threat against him grows and his reputation is tainted with stories of debauchery, circulated by the administration.

Then comes the November 2018 election. Democrats gain control of the House of Representatives. Gene’s luck changes.

Adelaide Books of New York will publish Secretocracy in March 2020.

4 thoughts on “My New Book Coming Out in March”

  1. Tom, great title, hook and premise for your next book. I can’t wait to read Secretocracy.
    Congrats! Each book is a separate baby released to the world. May yours thrive…


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