Books Reviews

I have been a book reviewer for a good many years. I now do reviews for two different publications, the Washington Independent Review of Books and the Internet Review of Books. As a result, I have read a wide variety of books that I otherwise would never have come across. Those reading has caused me to venture into fields I know nothing of.

One recent example was Sandworm by Andy Greenberg. My review appeared on Christmas day. You can read it at  It was my first encounter with a thing called “cyberwar.”

Far more familiar territory came to me in Life Undercover by Amaryllis Fox. That book deals with spying, a subject with which I am all too familiar. I’ll have more to say about that book in a future blog post. My review will be published on 14 January.

I’m currently engrossed in Marcial Gala’s The Black Cathedral, translated from the Spanish by Anna Kushner. This book, set in Cuba, is a real challenge. The text is dotted with Cuban Spanish words for which we have no equivalents in English. Spanish is one of my languages, but the terms I’m coming across in this book are either new to me or have a somewhat different meaning than in the Spanish of Mexico that I am familiar with. I’ve now begun my second reading of the text, pen in hand to make copious notes.

Two more books await me. One is a study of how the military creates its generals; the other is a novel about Vietnam by a Vietnamese. I’m sure I’ll enjoy both.

I’m fortunate to be able to review books. They bring me a world otherwise unknown to me. I’m richer in mind than I could ever be otherwise.

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