Greta Thunberg and Climate Change

I am moved to the roots of my soul by Greta Thunberg, the sixteen year-old Swedish girl just named “Person of the Year” by Time magazine. She has toured widely and spoken many times, including at the U.N., about the climate change emergency and the urgent need of nations to act before it is too late. She reminded me of a quote I copied recently, unfortunately without the name of the speaker:

“As I wrote at the end of last summer: ‘The climate news this summer was what has become routinely alarming. July was the hottest month on record. The United Nations just warned that climate change presents an unprecedented threat to the world’s food supply. The genetic diversity of Central Europe’s plants are at risk of collapse. Spy satellites showed that Himalayan glaciers have lost billions of tons of ice in just this century. Arctic permafrost is thawing 70 years earlier than was predicted. Ocean temperatures were the highest ever recorded, as were sea levels. Atmospheric carbon dioxide levels, which just six years ago broke 400 parts per million for the first time in human history, in May hit 415 parts per million.’”

In short, we are faced with a worldwide crisis that demands immediate action. Yet the nations of the world are doing almost nothing to change human activity which is causing the disaster. Worst is the U.S. which should be leading the effort to combat global warming. Instead, President Trump is pushing in the opposite direction, terming the coming tragedy as a “hoax.” He also insulted Miss Thunberg in tweets.

For the good of my children and grandchildren, I’m doing all I can to alert people to the danger inherent in climate change. That and my other grave concern, gun violence in the U.S., threaten my family in ways I could never have foreseen when I was younger. We must move heaven and earth to confront these two perils before they harm the people we love.

So I thank Miss Thunberg from the bottom of my heart. May the world hear her and act.

2 thoughts on “Greta Thunberg and Climate Change”

  1. Tom, I’m with you in praise of Greta. Greta has Asperger’s syndrome, which she calls her superpower. Every so often an individual rises up — unexpected and yet clearly chosen by the divine — and reminds us all what matters most. Here’s to more from Greta in 2020…


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