As I’ve noted here several times, I avoid politics in this blog. But Donald Trump’s attacks on the intelligence community have forced me to protest. Now, with information coming out in the impeachment hearings, the actions of Trump being revealed are so heinous that I can’t maintain my silence. This is no longer a question of politics; it’s now a question of damage to my country that I have risked my life to defend.

That Trump sought to compel Ukraine to launch investigations against Joe Biden is no longer open the question. The evidence is overwhelming. Trump’s refusal to provide subpoenaed documents and forbidding administration members from responding to subpoenas is unmistakable obstruction of justice. Trump’s tweets attacking witnesses is unconscionable and is accurately described as witness intimidation.

Such egregious behavior from a president of the United States requires me to speak out, lest I be counted among those who refuse to object to acts destructive to our democracy. Silence in the face of crimes is complicity.

I welcome comments from readers.

2 thoughts on “Trump”

  1. If President Trump’s actions are permitted — if they become acceptable for a Commander in Chief — this becomes the new norm in American politics. The yardstick for morality gets tossed away. I am still puzzled that folks who sit anywhere on the political spectrum can’t see this. And I long for the John McCains of Congress to be courageous.


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