The Challenge of Aging (2)

Yesterday, I talked about the difficulties that aging introduces into one’s life. The body slows down, the senses grow weaker, the brain is less adept. But the mind, that incorporeal essence, grows as the physical organs wither.

I find that as I age, my thinking reaches new depths. I am able as never before to tackle what it in past times I found most difficult, concepts like what spirituality means (especially to a agnostic like me), the quality of serenity, the expanse of creativity. My artistic bent strengthens as my intellect, dependent on the functioning of the brain, weakens. I am better able to understand and articulate the non-physical world.

And I am better able to write than I have ever been. While the brain struggles to remember vocabulary, the spirit finds new and better ways to convey ideas and experience.

I see that as the mind strengthens, my understanding of life and its meaning deepens. I see why it is generally accepted that wisdom grows as the years of age increase. I now comprehend ideas, concepts, beliefs that eluded me when I was younger. My grasp of the world of the spirit, that is, all that is beyond the concrete world, is firmer and deeper.

So I accept aging with joy. I am more than willing to accept the physical debilities in exchange for the expansion of wisdom. Aging ain’t for sissies. It’s for the wise.

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