The Deer

For reasons I don’t understand, the area I where live in Columbia, Maryland, is alive with deer. I see them on the streets, and I see them in back of my house in the land surrounding the pond. I wonder why they are so numerous here in the middle of a city.

A couple of days ago, I looked east through the windows in my piano room and spotted a stag and a doe. They wandered through the open grass munching and investigating. Then the doe wanted to move further into the area, but the stag decided he didn’t want her there. He moved toward her, and she took off back into the woods. A little later, I spotted another doe moving through the grass. The stag watched her but did nothing. They were still there when I moved on to other ventures.

Why are they here? Why don’t they migrate to woodsy areas free of humans? That’s among the many things I don’t know.

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