Autumn Trees

The trees on the street where I live and a few around the pond in back of my house are at their autumn peak, their leaves brilliant yellow, red, and orange. I don’t recall a year in which they were this bright and colorful.

Directly behind my deck is a tree about half the height of the house. For several days it has shown itself in bright yellow-orange. It catches the morning light from the east (to the right of the deck) and the afternoon sun from the west. Despite the cold (it’s been freezing at night), I bundle up and sit on the deck and take in the glory.

For all that, most of the trees around the pond are still green. Maybe when they turn, they will be equally amazing.

Maybe the trees have always been this bright. In earlier years, I was so focused on my work that I barely noticed. I commonly worked twelve-hour days and weekends. I worked for the National Security Agency (NSA) and was intent on watching the communications of nations unfriendly or even hostile to the U.S. I didn’t have time to take in the beauty of nature all around me.

That’s all changed now. I’m a full-time writer, able to alter my schedule and allow myself time to bask in nature’s beauty. I’ve missed a lot. It’s time to drink my fill of the glory all around me. And the autumn trees are a glory in and of themselves.

2 thoughts on “Autumn Trees”

  1. Used to drive in from our little hobby farm near woodbine and got to really experience the changes of the seasons. In addition we had about 3-4 acres of woods behind the house.


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