My New House (2)

All that I wrote two days ago about my new house was about the top of three levels—the house is a split level. The front door opens on the middle level, the living room, with staircases facing the door going both up and down. The living room is blessed with another gas fireplace and with glass doors that open to the south to the walkway in front of the house.

The lowest level is the same size at the top level. In its central room, at the foot of the stairs, is my office filled with my u-shaped desk and bookshelves, all custom made by a master cabinet maker of blond maple. To the west of the office are the laundry-utility room, a bathroom, and a bedroom. To the east are three more rooms. I use two for storage. The third is my workout room with a weight bench, a rack of dumbbells, a barbell, and an exercise bike.

The office opens to the north onto the patio a dozen feet from the pond. As I work at my computer, I can look up and see the pond and its surrounding beauties. When I need a break, I walk out to the patio and sit at a picnic table, listening to all the sounds of nature around me.

I’ve said little about the living room that forms the middle level of the house. I haven’t used it much so far, mainly because I spend so much time on my deck. But as the cold weather rolls in, I’ll use that room more. That’s where my reading chair is and one of my best stereo rigs. I look forward to cold winter evenings reading before the fire with music filling the room.

More tomorrow.

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